Insight & Information



You have a decision to make and you want to make sure it’s the right one. Or maybe you have already come to a decision and want to move forward with enhanced awareness and clarity.




Exploration & Awareness


(Reading & Journal Coaching)

You have an issue. There is something that you want to understand, something that you want to attain, some chapter that needs closure. This session will help you to gain new insights and meaning into your life’s experiences. Limited to one issue. 


At the close of the session I invite you to share with me your continued exploration through your own, private journal portal. You will have access for 28 days after your consultation as you explore what was discussed in your session. I will look at your journals and ask questions that may prompt deeper insight.

Transformation & Change


(Executive & Leadership Coaching)

You are exploring a new relationship or reevaluating an existing one; navigating your work environment or strategizing career advancement; negotiating an agreement or contract and need to know who all the players are; looking to develop your leadership skills or broaden your sphere of influence; entering a new venture or setting a new course for your life. 


We will look at the strengths you have to draw on, the places where you are stuck and what is needed to create and sustain your desired lifestyle. 


Then take your process to the next level with Sirius Citizens Executive and Leadership Coaching for professionals, creatives, thought leaders, and change agents.


Soul Triage with Dr RaShon


Do you want something you don’t have? Or have something you don’t want? Have you decided that NOW is the time to change your current situation or circumstance? Do you want blockages removed, your energy, strength and power restored? Do you need a plan, a blueprint to build your new life?


A dynamic harmonious life is dependent on the free flow of energy in your body, mind, soul and spirit. Facilitated by processes both modern and ancient, Soul Triage looks deeply at your bio-energetic, cyclical, and psychic structures to uncover the cause of disruption and dis-ease and to find the places of purpose and strength. After the session you will know where to place your energy and attention to create a harmonious, abundant life.


After your initial consultation, I invite you to continue processing the information that you received through my online journaling site for up to 28 days after the session (not a requirement but my clients do find it helpful). You may journal as much or as little as you choose. There will be “journal prompts” that you may wish to use for further personal exploration.


The site is completely secure and protected. The site is not accessible to search engines or social media sites. No one will be able to view your journal entries but you and I.


Want sustainable and lasting change?


Inquire about Sirius Citizens, Executive and Leadership Coaching.
This service is available for select individuals who value exquisite client care.

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