"Ca marche?"


I can not imagine my life without the personal processing work that has led to my professional development. I can not imagine my life without Dr. RaShon. Clear, precise, and to the point she's been and continues to be the supportive guide that I need to move forward on my life's journey. 


Within one year after beginning our work together I had left my job, enrolled in graduate school and discovered new tools and skills to expand my possibilities in my chosen field. Within three years I received my MFA and was offered a coveted Visiting Professorship at my University. Within five years I had realized my childhood dream and am now a successful business owner living and working in Paris, France.


Kehinde Ishangi—CEO The Ishangi Institute of Dance and Movement Science; professor of dance—Académie de Danse de Paris—Paris, France


"An amazing clarity…"


Dr. RaShon utilized cultural instruments and rituals, psychological constructs and creative combinations of social, political and aesthetic exercises to unleash deeper awareness and greater clarity of who and how I am in this paradoxical condition of my humanity.


My profound work with Dr. RaShon has led to an increased efficacy in every dimension of my being--family, community, professional and intrapersonal. Clients now benefit from a deeper sense of my own humility resulting from Dr. RaShon's wisdom and guidance. 


Harold Massey, D.B.A.Beta Gamma Sigma—ACTP, GPCC 


***The Essence Magazine covers do not represent clients. Nor am I quoted or in any other way represented in the magazines. I just love Essence Magazine covers and over the years have appreciated the way they represent Black beauty.

"I have recommened her to my friends…"

In September, during my peak crisis, she prescribed plant essences and essential oils to support me. I could feel the difference in my energy and confidence as I was taking them. By January, I was in a very good space when I spoke with her in person. I felt clarity and really felt I was on the right path. It felt great to meet with her while I was in such a strong space, she validated the direction I am taking in life and helped me to recognize simple ways to continue to improve my life.


Although we had a super talk, a couple of weeks later I was feeling foggy, my drive was down, I was unable to clear my mind and wasn't interested in reading anymore. I was feeling overloaded. For some reason, my mind was starting to wander and feel a bit insecure again. I emailed her in March for another prescription of plant essences. I did not tell her how I was feeling. I ordered the essences before looking them up knowing they would be good for me. When I did look them up, I was amazed to see that the essences she had prescribed were a perfect fit to my feelings. I can already feel a difference after a couple of days. 


With Love,

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