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A Sirius Journey—Bahia, Brazil

Awaken your spirit, reconnect with your roots, and immerse yourself in the profound spiritual tapestry of Bahia, Brazil. Curated by Dr. RaShon, RootWomyn, PhD, of Sirius Encounters and The House of Asé, this retreat is more than just a journey of the body

—it's an odyssey of the soul.


Reclaim Knowing

Embark on an online class that introduces you to the rich traditions of IFA and Condomblé, illuminating the deep spiritual practices that have been held close to the hearts of countless generations.

Image by Marianna Smiley

Clarify Intentions

Dive deep into processes specially designed to clarify your intentions for this transformative experience, ensuring you journey with purpose and awareness.


Hold Space

Experience the stillness as you engage in the disciplined  practice of holding space for one another's growth and transformation,

Discover the Essence of Bahia

Travel through Salvador, Imbassai, and Itaparica—landmarks that echo with the harmonious blend of African cosmology, epistemology, ontology, and axiology. Feel the rhythms of the past, the energy of the present, and the potential of the future as you dive deep into the significance of these disciplines and their historical importance.



Walk With Warriors

Take a tour that pays homage to Black resistance and spiritual warriorship. African spiritual warriorship is not a solitary endeavor but a collective one. It involves standing together as a community and defending the spiritual traditions that have sustained our people for centuries.


Embrace Ritual

Engage in sacred rituals where you will have the honor to sit with the elders, absorbing wisdom that transcends time as you are visited by the spirits of the ancients.

Baba Ishangi_yoga on the beach.jpg

Grow Beyond the Retreat

Engage in embodiment processes that promise continued de-conditioning, de-colonization, and growth ensuring the lessons and experiences from this retreat resonate long after your return.

Optional 5 Day Extension: Yemanya Festival

For those whose spirits who crave even deeper immersion, we offer an optional 5-day extension to attend the Yemanya festival—a celebration that embodies the very essence of Bahia’s spiritual heartbeat.

Come, join us, and be part of this epic Sirius Journey.
A unique encounter awaits.
A rendezvous with your true self, amidst the sounds, scents, and spirits of Bahia.

Will you answer the call?


***Logistics and payment for the retreat are managed by Return to Kemet. Secure your place now and embark on this spiritual sojourn with Dr. RaShon and The House of Asé. Rediscover, rejuvenate, and resonate with the roots that run deep within you. 

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