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Ancestral Whisper

Pause and slowly inhale

We each come into the presence of conscious awareness for different reasons. We are each at different a place in our life process, our soul’s journey. Some of us come ready to expand the joy of our lives. Some come to keep from sliding into the abyss. Some come seeking answers to long held questions. Some are ready to let go. And some are trying to hold on. It really doesn’t matter why we come, just that we do come.


Come Sunday is a Mindful Meditation space for the UnApoLoGetiCaLLy BlaCk. It is a virtual community space where we hold each other in deep compassion as we allow ourselves to be still and listen for an Ancestral Whisper. The name Come Sunday is inspired by a musical prayer created by our ancestor Sir Duke Ellington (he loved us madly). The sentiment is an affirmation of grace. 


“Mindfulness is non-judgmental, open-hearted, friendly, and inviting of whatever arises in awareness. It is cultivated by paying attention on purpose, deeply, and without judgment to whatever arises in the present moment, either inside or outside of us."


Kia Perry is a member of our community. She is a beautiful, intelligent, open-hearted young woman, a filmmaker and entrepreneur, she came to the Come Sunday space in deep grief at the passing of her beloved and adoring father. In the midst of her grieving came the anxiety of the shut down in the film and television industry upon which she based her income, caused by the  pandemic. The grief took her into the abyss. As she sat with her grief and anxiety, supported on the ancestral wings of both her paternal and maternal GrandMothers, she not only began to heal her grief, she began to intentionally transform her life.


During the pandemic, Kia began making sanitizers and environmental purifiers using essential oils as gifts for her friends based on recipes that she remembered from her grandmothers. She never expected that her efforts would lead her to discover and explore a deeper self and initiate her into maturity and grace.


These scents are an expression of gratitude to the community that held and continues to hold her. Kia and I created this trio of essences to support the Come Sunday family in their practice. The scents are built on the base of three of her previous products with the addition of flower essences, gemstones, and herbs specifically chosen for the work of our community. The scents are further enhanced through Sacred Afrikan ritual to call forth the healing power and raise the vibration of each of the elements.


With Gratitude. Enjoy,

Dr RaShon

Scents for Your Soul
Curated by Dr RaShon—crafted by Ancestral Whisper
Sirius Encounter
Release 2.0
Essential Presence

"There is a place of peace and knowledge, a space where community looks and feels like you. That place is Come Sunday. Connecting with your spirit team feels normal here. Praying and mediating as a collective feels inviting, anxiety and stress free here. Also I love connecting with folks on divine timing. Learning the true meaning of—being a spiritual being, having a human experience—makes sense now".

Working with Dr RaShon has lead me to dive deeper into the work I must do, which is to show up as my true authentic self and create. I am ready to share my true gifts with the world. Which is not as easy as it sounds. 


It is an honor to be welcomed and embraced each Sunday. It's also an honor to share with the collective these products made with joy. 

This essence combo will facilitate your devotion, detoxify your environment, and raise your energetic frequency. Have a SIRIUS ENCOUNTER you awaken the energy and movement of your chakras. RELEASE stuck energy and less than optimal relationships and circumstances that are no longer serving you. Ground yourself  to the awareness and truth of your ESSENTIAL PRESENCE for transformational power. These sprays will  help cleanse your space and the vibes around you. 

I Hope you all enjoy these SCENTS FOR YOUR SOUL.  

Kia Perry

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