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Reflections From the Heart of a Homeschool Mom : Village Schooling

“Homeschooling increased nationwide after the pandemic disrupted in-person learning; among households with school-age children, the percentage who reported homeschooling them rose from 5.4% in April 2020 to 11.1% in October 2020. The increase was most significant among Black families, about 3.3% of whom were homeschooling in spring 2020. By fall 2020, 16.1% were homeschooling.”

Even after reaching the point where my son is now attending college, I find that I am even more excited, intrigued, and interested in Black Homeschooling (or as we are now calling it Village Schooling). We have begun the process of reflecting on the almost 20-year Black Star Line journey which has also brought up what homeschooling has meant to me personally and for my son. I am also researching what other Black homeschoolers have and are doing though out the country and around the world. Most recently I attended the 2022 11th Annual Liberated Minds Black Homeschool & Education Virtual Expo it was AMAZING!

There were over 40 classes for adults plus classes for children and youth. One class I attended was entitled 'The 5 Ways Homeschooling Prepares Your Child for College Success' taught by Khadijah Z. Ali-Coleman, Ed.D. I found it particularly helpful. Dr. Ali-Colman offers continued workshop opportunities so, please check her out. Her insights speak skillfully on why so many Black families are choosing to homeschool. Below is her website and a link to an upcoming virtual workshop series.


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