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“As soon as even highly trained individuals are required to work on specific tasks or goals collectively, almost invariably, historic ego patterns assert themselves and dominate group consciousness… So the question arises : is there some way to support the ability of individuals to function together in presence while performing the complex tasks required in modern society? How can we address the enormous personal and cultural issues that stand in the way of a more intelligent and awake collective humanity”?—Russ Hudson, 2012 The Enneagram of Systems provides a unique framework for actualizing above-the-line functioning for any organization. In this process, Dr RaShon applies her unique talents, gifts and training to the health and well-being of organizational culture. Utilizing the wisdom of Enneagram Domains as the underlying foundation of Enneagram technology (pioneered by Don Riso, and further developed by Margaret H. Smith), she will help you to recover the wholistic health of your organization. —Each of the nine domains is evaluated for its level of functioning —Each of the stakeholders is evaluated for their level of functioning —Energetic dynamics for each is uncovered and explored —A process is put in place to evolve the organization By understanding what makes a whole system thrive you can understand where it has failed and the specific areas needing adjustment to restore balance. The process begins with a 1 hour consultation to access the needs of the client.

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