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Underlying our physical existence are energies that create and sustain all matter. The conscious awareness and management of these energies is the key to sustain health and wellness of body, mind, heart, and soul. Subtle Body Therapeutics™ uses practices both ancient and modern to create and sustain awareness, intelligence and consciousness. Processes include : —Afrikan Sacred Ritual —YoGa NiDRa —Essential Oils and Flower Essences —Intuitive Guidance —Healing Movement Subtle Body Therapeutics™ looks deeply at your bio-energetic, cyclical, and psychic structures to uncover the cause of disruption and dis-ease and to find the places of purpose and strength. After the session you will know where to place your energy and attention to create a harmonious, abundant life. If you want to work with a coach with a proven track record for transformational development—If you want to work with a coach who possesses both professional skill and deep intuitive insight—If you want a tool that is guaranteed to change your life for the better then ACT NOW. Requires Consultation.

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1 (504) 603-3285

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