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Dr RaShon

I am a Traditional African Priest and  Healer, a gifted intuitive, an Executive and Leadership Coach, and Internationally Certified Enneagram teacher, trainer, and presenter and I am passionate about the health and well-being of my community.


I work with individuals and organizations to cultivate profound, transformative change in their personal lives, their professions, and their service to their communities. My skills and methods are innovative, intuitive, culturally informed and trauma-sensitive. I am supported in my work by a dedicated team of people in Africa, Brazil, Cuba and the USA each with their own unique gifts, talents, and contributions and together we work to bring you peace, purpose, and prosperity.


***The content under the Enneagram Coaching and Healing tabs are provided for information. All engagement (even participation in workshops) begins with a consultation. Select a consultation process that best suits your needs. Use the list below to begin (or continue) your journey with me.



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